Your Favourite Doctor Who Series 4 Episode Revealed

As part of our celebrations for the 50th anniversary  of Doctor Who, we asked you what was your favourite episode of series 4.
Thanks to all of you who voted and took the time out to discuss your favourite episodes with us over on our Facebook page.

We can announce that the winner with 30% of the vote is the epic two part series finale The Stolen Earth / Journey's End.
The story which saw the return of many of the Tenth Doctor's friends as the Children Of Time. There were many heart breaking moments in the episode, the reunion between the Doctor and Rose Tyler and the loss of Donna Noble as his closest friend.. 

It's closet rival was another two parter, this time Steven Moffat's Silence In The Library / The Forest Of The Dead, with 26%, which saw us witness the death of River Song long before we and the Doctor knew her properly. And third was the Doctor led episode Midnight with 10% of the vote.

The Specials episode poll will start later today so make sure you vote in that too as
we will be finding out what your favourites from all the series and specials are and then pitting them against each other to find your ultimate David Tennant episode of the show.