Your Doctor Who The Day Of The Doctor Party Photos

Over on our Facebook page we asked you to post photos of yourselves enjoying The Day Of The Doctor wherever you were watching.

We absolutely loved seeing you all over the world watching the show with your loved ones!

We had such a tough job choosing which photo was our favourite that we decided to pick three of you to receive The Day Of The Doctor on DVD.

The winners are Louisa Mannion, Alison Jane Wood and Selene Combs

Thank you all for making such an effort to get involved.
It's certainly a fantastic time to be a Whovian!

Here's some of your brilliant photos - enjoy!

Louisa Mannion - Watching it in front of the telly with junk food, my girlfriend and this cutie cat, Marcie. She's exited...
Louisa Mannion's photo.

John Paul Edward Delamere -  #savetheday Doctor and chihuahua at the ready. GERONIMO!!!
John Paul Edward Delamere's photo.

Influ Ence's photo.

Simon Vastenburg: I'm watching it on my sofa (Picture taken in my studyroom)! Have nice evening fellow Whovians!
Simon Vastenburg's photo.

Mandy Millett
Mandy Millett's photo.

Amber Shepherd: We made a Sontaron out of a squash for decoration
Amber Shepherd's photo.

April Sawyer: At my cubicle at work. Thanks to twctv and BBC America!
April Sawyer's photo.

Debbie Macaldowie: Party at ours!
Debbie Macaldowie's photo.

James Gibson: I'm watching it with a load of Doctor Who themed cocktails! 
James Gibson's photo.

Sarah Fongster: waiting in the theater to watch with my cousins here in San Francisco, California 
Sarah Fongster's photo.

Aurore Benoit - France
Aurore Benoit's photo.
Aurore Benoit's photo.

Ranesha Moreno - Curled up on the couch! My son was chanting exterminate!
Ranesha Moreno's photo.

Stephanie Britt - Cuddling my little boy at home. Then, heading to the theatre on Monday to watch the rebroadcast with friends. 
Stephanie Britt's photo.

Simon Dollard Fields - Sonic on stand-by ... Bring on the fish custard!
Simon Dollard Fields's photo.

Tara Hendrickson - Relaxing in the recliner!
Tara Hendrickson's photo.

Seth Triezenberg - In the theater using my sonic screwdriver to get the 50th started!
Seth Triezenberg's photo.

Victoria Markhoff
Victoria Markhoff's photo.

Selene Combs Indianapolis, IN with my hubby and kids! So excited!
Selene Combs's photo.

Kellie Louise Cooper - I'm watching it in hospital as I went into labour nearly 2 weeks early. My little man was excited too for the 50th as much as his mummy. Ummm david 
Got tickets to see it IMAX 3D fr a Christmas pressie from a friend but now sat here on my own with my newborn son watching it aven cuddles and chocolate lol. Bad side it's on a hospital tv lol but still watching it anit missing it can't let the who team down xxxxx
Kellie Louise Cooper's photo.

Deb Cam - At the cinema in MK with many who have dressed for the occasion, brilliant!
Deb Cam's photo.

Katie Beth Jacobs  - Watching from Atlanta, GA in a theater full of Whovians! So excited to be part of the 10 cities in the USA watching in 3D simultaneously with the UK!!
Katie Beth Jacobs's photo.

Rosie McKenna - Getting ready to watch the show on the big screen in Edge Hill University's student union XD #studentwhovians #savetheday
Rosie McKenna's photo.

Alison Jane Wood - this is me and my husky Eske waiting for Doctor Who  #savetheday
Alison Jane Wood's photo.

Nicki Wilkinson - 10 minutes until fish custard. ALLONSY ALONSO!
Nicki Wilkinson's photo.

Laura Jayne Hunt - Doctor Who party with my friends! I'm in a cosplay of Ten! (shame I can't raise one eyebrow, haha!) 

Laura Jayne Hunt's photo.

Ashley Stingel - Doctor Who food party!
Ashley Stingel's photo.

Lou Dossett  - A very excited 5 year old (not to mention the rest of us!), literally surrounded by all the doctors!
Lou Dossett's photo.

Shannon Wade - I'm prepared!
Shannon Wade's photo.

Kimberly R. Marsengill -  At the theater waiting for The Day Of The Doctor to begin! Rocking TardisPrime and the original T.A.R.D.I.S. Tees.
Kimberly R. Marsengill's photo.

Samuli Kyllästinen - Fishfingers & custard, star and spaceship shaped jellies and some sparkling to end this long long waiting... So excited to see 10th again and curious to find out what is going to happen. Me, my sofa and Doctor Who 
Samuli Kyllästinen's photo.

Karen Chamberlain - In 3D at home with lots of snacks! 
Karen Chamberlain's photo.

Alyssa Shade - I've arranged my entire Birthday (which is today) around the 50th, so I'm home with my baby girl (whose name is River)
Alyssa Shade's photo.

Elo Dethier - With my 3 boys on sofa
Elo Dethier's photo.

Caroline Lucido - for the girl who waited - fish sticks and custard
Caroline Lucido's photo.

Rylie Whitchurch - Me and my adipose were quite excited.
Rylie Whitchurch's photo.

Amy Marie Coleman
Amy Marie Coleman's photo.

Laura Nixon-Corfield - Sat with my partners, dressed as Captain Jack, eating Jelly Babies, fish fingers and "custard", "fish fingers" (cake crumbed in orange crumbs) and Jammy Dodgers.
Laura Nixon-Corfield's photo.

Lydia Huff -  My daughter and I watching. By the way, her Tshirt says "future companion." 
Lydia Huff's photo.

Helen Barnes - it's a little after 6.30am here so in our pj's with bacon and eggs and a glass of bubbly for the Doctor's 50th
Helen Barnes's photo.

Alan McBride - Watching with friends and family 
Alan McBride's photo.

Francie Pound Hazen - Had a great time watching with friends, all wearing the TARDIS hats I crocheted!
Francie Pound Hazen's photo.

Molli Baker - Here's my nerdy gang ready for Doctor Who! 
Molli Baker's photo.

Donna Hoyt Erickson - Happy WHOVIANS!
Donna Hoyt Erickson's photo.

Heather Edgley - I was watching it whilst saving earth.... All in a days work!
Heather Edgley's photo.

Gisele Vasconcelos - Chilling at the cinema!  Florianópolis, Brazil! The best day ever!
Gisele Vasconcelos's photo.

Cathy RedHotness Jackson - Matthew Jackson, Connor and Joseph reenacting the three Doctors!
Cathy RedHotness Jackson's photo.

Jennifer Rhoads - I was enjoying the special with my cat Sam. He wanted to wear my TARDIS hat.
Jennifer Rhoads's photo.

Bilboboseirobibfortuna Mariachi Fortuna - Pedro Crepaldi - Brasil
Bilboboseirobibfortuna Mariachi Fortuna's photo.

Christina Vanover  - We made Adipose Pops, bow tie pasta, and "fish and custard" before putting on our fez, grabbing our sonic screwdrivers, and settling in for the 50th Anniversary!
Christina Vanover's photo.

Amy Awesum Flagel  - Watching it curled up w/ my cat Llamp : )
Amy Awesum Flagel's photo.

Harry Spurr - Hahaha xD it's soooo amazing  I couldn't be happier xD
Harry Spurr's photo.

Kathryn Davis - I watched it at home with my best friend!
Kathryn Davis's photo.

Erin Gir Blaze - Cutting our Tardis cake 
Erin Gir Blaze's photo.

Megan Morgan - Donna doesn't want to be upgraded!!!! #savetheday
Megan Morgan's photo.

Emily Rebecca Park - This evil cat nun nurse loves David Tennant!
Emily Rebecca Park's photo.

Michelle Webber Page - I made a giant TARDIS cookie
Michelle Webber Page's photo.

Michelle Webber Page - I had TARDIS hats made
Michelle Webber Page's photo.

Kari Frazier - We all dressed up, ate "fish fingers" and custard, and cheered throughout the episode 
Kari Frazier's photo.

Zoechlie Olivero Martinez - Me and my other two friends watched it while eating cake! Here in Puerto Rico!
Zoechlie Olivero Martinez's photo.

Charlotte Gompertz -  2 grown women, very excited and very sonicy. What an awesome night at the movies!
Charlotte Gompertz's photo.

Janel Morales - Watched it at the local theatre! Most awesome day ever !!
Janel Morales's photo.

Kevin Hacker  - On the big screen at home!
Kevin Hacker's photo.