VIDEO: Watch The The Day Of The Doctor Official Trailer

The BBC have now posted the official trailer to Doctor Who The Day Of The Doctor online.

The first trailer was due to have its premiere later on tonight on BBC One at 8pm GMT, with a simultaneous broadcast on BBC America. However, BBC Entertainment Latin America appear to have posted the clip in error early last night.

It is not clear whether the clip was the one due to debut tonight or the second preview promised for Sunday night on BBC One.

Watch the trailer here:

The Day Of The Doctor stars Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman and sees the return of David Tennant and Billie Piper. They are joined in the TARDIS by John Hurt as a third, unknown incarnation of the TimeLord. Other known cast include Jemma Redgrave, Joanna Page and Ingrid Oliver. 

The Day Of The Doctor will premiere worldwide on Saturday 23rd November at 7.50pm GMT on BBC One and 2.50pm ET on BBC America, with a global simulcast on TV across over 75 different countries and a broadcast into cinemas around the world