VIDEO: Graham Norton Interviews Two Doctors

Graham Norton had two Doctors on the interview couch last night when both David Tennant and Matt Smith appeared on his show on BBC One. They were there to talk about The Day Of The Doctor, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special which airs globally in over 80 countries in a simulacast at 7.50pm GMT tonight.

David said of his return to the show, "There is a bit of a precedent. Down the years some of the old doctors have returned and shaken hands with the current one."

He also feigned a bit of sonic screwdriver envy, comparing his to Matt's. “His is bigger than mine and it has a bit that comes out of the end and lights up," he joked.

Other guests on The Graham Norton Show included Emma Thompson, Jimmy Carr and Robbie Williams who was joined in a musical item by Olly Murs.

Watch Matt and David's interview here: