VIDEO: David Tennant Talks About His Return To Doctor Who

The BBC have released video interviews of the cast and writer of the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special, The Day Of The Doctor.

Here, David Tennant talks about his return to the role of the Tenth Doctor, what it was like working with Matt Smith and the honour of being part of a show with such a legacy. He also recalls the thrill of watching multi-Doctor episodes in his own childhood and hopes that audiences now will enjoy seeing different versions of the same character play off against one another as much as he did.

"I just hope that this will have some of that buzz for today's's exciting and so unique to Doctor Who," he says. "I'm certainly very excited to be part of one of these television events that I enjoyed when I was so much younger."

Watch David's interview here:

Other video interviews are available with Matt Smith, Steven Moffat, Jenna Coleman and Joanna Page

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The Day Of The Doctor airs worldwide on Saturday 23rd November. The special sees David Tennant return to the TARDIS as the Tenth Doctor along with companion Rose, played by Billie Piper. They join Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman as the Eleventh Doctor and Clara, with John Hurt as a dark and unknown incarnation of the Doctor. Plot details released this week reveal that the Doctors must face a murderous plot and an ancient battle in their greatest adventure in which all of reality is at stake. 

Look out for the trailer on BBC One and BBC America on Saturday 9th November shortly before 8pm GMT