VIDEO: David Tennant, Matt Smith And Steven Moffat On Returning Doctors

In an exclusive interview with BBC America, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Steven Moffat have spoken about the tradition of past Doctors returning to the show

“That’s peculiar to Doctor Who…” David Tennant says, “that multiple versions of this character can exist alongside each other.”

David also reveals that Steven Moffat had been planning a multi-Doctor episode for the 50th Anniversary for at least two years, and Matt Smith concurs.

“I knew for a while that that was the plan,” claims Matt, but adds, “I didn’t know which Doctors would be coming back and I didn’t know what the story would be.”

However, final casting came relatively recently. “People now think I’ve been lying for years, but I haven’t really!” says David. “It really did all come together very late in the day.”

View the interview here: 

The Day Of The Doctor starring Matt Smith, David Tennant, Joanna Page, Billie Piper, Jenna Coleman and John Hurt will be broadcast worldwide in sync with the BBC One premiere at 7.50pm GMT on Saturday 23rd November.