SCANS: On The Set Of Doctor Who - The Day Of The Doctor

The Telegraph Magazine in the UK today featured a behind the scenes report from the set of Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor. The 75 minute 3D special features Matt Smith, David Tennant. Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper and John Hurt and will be simulcast worldwide in 2D and 3D on TV and into cinemas around the world in two weeks time.

Please be aware that the article contains some spoilers for the 50th Anniversary special.

The shoot catches the cast and crew in a studio set in Wales last year where they are enduring excessive heat and long hours to create what David Tennant calls, "...quite a major moment in the history of Doctor Who."

Steven Moffat promises, "It's not just about honouring the past, though we do do about the most important day of the Doctor's life? The adventure that actually has an impact on him.". He adds that the special begins as three different adventures with the three Doctors that join together to become one story. 

Matt Smith adds that fans won't be disappointed. He says, "What's really interesting is that Steven has managed to invent something new about the character, which is wonderful after 50 years. And it's a testament to the format, and to the idea, and to the nature of the character and the show."

David Tennant said that he had feared that there might be tension between him and Matt Smith but his worries were unfounded, "It could have been difficult. That was my one nervousness - not about Matt per se, but just that he would have every right to feel like his territory was being in some way infringed. But he doesn't. We're having a right laugh, actually."

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The special will air worldwide on Saturday 23rd November at 7,50pm GMT - check your local schedules for details. Click here for details of cinemas and TV broadcasters participating in the simultaneous broadcast.