New Doctor Who: Legacy Mobile Game Launched Today

BBC Worldwide have today lanched a new free to play Doctor Who game app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Doctor Who: Legacy is currently focusing on the sixth and seventh series of the show and features Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor and his companions Amy, Rory and Clara battling foes such as The Weeping Angels, The Silence and The Daleks. However there are plans to introduce a bigger range of characters to the game in the run up to Christmas and David Tennant's Tenth Doctor is already featured in screen grabs from the game in the app store.

The game is or will be available today in the following regions: United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and on both Google Play and iOS app store. If you don't see it yet, keep checking back.  Other territories will be added in over the coming days.

Game Description:
For the first time ever, interact with fifty years of Doctor Who as you travel through time and space, relive his most daring adventures, group with his bravest companions and face his most dangerous foes!

An old enemy is traveling through time, changing events to bring about the ultimate war!

Team up with your favorite Doctor and head back through time - revisit your favorite episodes from the TV series and build a team of your favorite companions and allies including Clara, Rory, Amy, River, and dozens more.

Face the Doctor’s greatest enemies, from Daleks, Weeping Angels and The Silence to Headless Monks, Peg Dolls and Spoonheads.