Illuminations Richard II Blog Post: "How Near The Tidings Of Our Comfort Is"

John Wyver has posted the latest in a series of blogs on the new Royal Shakespeare company production of Richard II onto the Illuminations website. One of the founders of Illuminations, John will be working with the RSC to produce the live broadcast of the play into cinemas across the UK and around the world. With less than two weeks to go till the live stream he tells how preparations are going ahead.

"On Sunday the trucks arrive for our first camera rehearsal on Monday. On Tuesday the theatre and broadcast teams will review the tape and start to make adjustments, and then the trucks will return on the following Monday"

John also responds to criticisms to live cinema broadcasts of theatre productions by answering some of the key arguments posited.

Read the full blog post here

Richard II starring David Tennant and directed by Gregory Doran is in residence at The Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon until 16th November 2013. It transfers to the Barbican in London on 9th December where it plays until 25th January 2014.

Both runs are currently sold out but returns may be available: call the RSC on 0844 800 1110 to check availability.

The production will be filmed on November 13th and broadcast into cinemas across the UK and worldwide. More information can be found on the RSC Onscreen site. The recorded play will also be released on DVD.

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