Gracepoint: Audition Tapes Reveal David Tennant Character's Name In US Adaptation Of Broadchurch

Actor audition tapes for Gracepoint, the new FOX US adaptation of ITV’s hit murder mystery Broadchurch have revealed some details about the new drama, including the name of David Tennant’s character.

While there is no guarantee that the dialogue used in auditions is the same as the final shooting script, the tapes appear to give some indication of changes to character names and a profile of the town of Gracepoint itself. However do bear in mind that some of the details may be based on the original UK script and may be changed, or may be false.

David Tennant’s character, based on DI Alec Hardy in the original, will be renamed Emmett Carver, according to the tapes. Carver was previously involved in the Rosemont investigation, where three girls disappeared. As the Karen White character, who has been following Carver’s history reveals, “He fumbled the Rosemont investigation then he all but vanished. Now suddenly he’s here, working this case.”

Hardy’s character is not the only one to be renamed for the American version. Local hack Olly becomes Owen, and he is now the uncle of Tom rather than his cousin, so it’s possible that he will be the Ellie character’s brother. Meanwhile his mentor Karen White, a big shot journalist from the San Francisco Chronicle, appears to be renamed Renee.

The Latimer family are referred to as the Lassiters, but the family names: Mark, Beth, Chloe and Danny remain the same, as does the name of Ellie’s son Tom. Local minister Paul Coates seems to have retained his original name too but Mark’s workmate Nige Carter is now Vince.

A conversation between Paul and Beth reveals what could be an interesting back story. “I can’t tell you what to do,” Paul says to the grieving mother. “I couldn’t tell you twenty years ago and I can’t tell you now. I think we both know that. Can I hug you? Then I’ll leave you alone.” In the original version, Paul had only come to the town as a new priest a few years previously.

The town of Broadchurch itself is renamed Gracepoint. It is a small coastal place in California, the only town for twenty miles, with one road in and one road out. The nearest big town is Sacramento. The residents of Gracepoint tend to live there all their lives, and some don’t even like to travel far afield. Lately there have been some newcomers, younger families coming for the schools or attracted by the views. Otherwise, people visit as tourists or to whale watch. Owen says that he surfs. There is little crime: just drunk driving, bored teens and graffiti. There has never been a murder before.

Gracepoint goes into production in late January 2014 and is expected to air as part of the FOX 2014/15 season. The drama is executive produced by Chris Chibnall with Jane Featherstone of Kudos, Dan Futterman, Anya and Shine America's Carolyn Bernstein. Chris Chibnall will also be writing the first of the drama’s ten episodes.

A number of audition tapes for Gracepoint can be found on Vimeo.