Doctor Who: Who Is The Best Doctor? - The Guardian Reckon They Have The Answer

As Doctor Who celebrates it's 50th Anniversary this weekend The Guardian decided it was time to have a look at the numbers and see if they could work out statistically who was the best Doctor.

To do this they looked at and worked out which Doctors were associated with the highest rated episodes, and which season has been rated the most highly by viewers.

Using IMDb, they compiled a list of every episode (excluding telemovies and prequels), along with the user ratings, which Doctor appeared in it, and the director.  Writers weren't included due to the way writers are credited on IMDb.

They then grouped the episodes by Doctor, season, and director to get the mean user rating of each. 

The new series and old series were seperated as the old series has far fewer user ratings overall per episode (the mean is 76 reviews per episode, compared with 1,659 for the new series).
Because of the higher number of ratings, the figures for the newer series are probably more reliable.

The results of this found that whilst Tom Baker was the most popular Classic Doctor, David Tennant was the most popular new Doctor.

The most popular new era series was series 4 starring David Tennant as the Doctor and Catherine Tate as his companion Donna Noble.
The most popular classic era series was series 13 starring Tom Baker as the Doctor.

Perhaps surprisingly the most popular new era episode was Blink starring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, as he did have limited screen time in this Doctor lite episode..
The most popular classic era episode is Genesis Of The Daleks: Part Three again starring Tom Baker.

You can read the full article and view all the stats on The Guardian's website here.