Doctor Who: David Tennant's Best Bits

It's been a long time since we've seen David Tennant in the TARDIS. The last time we saw him in that pinstripe suit was New Year's Day 2010, but today, as we celebrate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary, it's the day we've been waiting for, the day of his return, the day of the Doctor..

To celebrate the fact that we will be reunited with Ten at 7.50pm (we're not counting down in seconds..honest) we've decided to take a quick trip in the TARDIS and look back at what were some of our favourite moments of David Tennant as the Doctor...

His pyjama clad  arrival in The Christmas Invasion was nothing short of brilliance. He quoted The Lion King and he was disappointed at not being ginger.. but most importantly he showed the Sycorax and the viewers that he meant business.

His reunion with former companion Sarah Jane Smith in The School Reunion was totes emosh.
Sarah's sadness at being left behind by the 'man' she was devoted to struck a chord with viewers as many of us realised for the first time what fate awaited our current companion Rose Tyler and the Doctor emotionally revealed what it's like to outlive all of his friends.

The Doctor was smitten with Madame De Pompadour, she was smitten with the Doctor, Rose was smitten with the Doctor, the female audience were smitten get the idea. And then just when you thought he couldn't get any cooler he bursts through a mirror - representing time itself and he did it on a white horse....

And then he told the Beast to go to Hell...literally...and he did it the name of Rose, which made us all go ahhhhh.

We can't actually type now due to the tears....
The Doctor and Rose are seperated and a zillion fans hearts break, but fear not she started work on the dimension cannon pretty quickly..

The Doctor shows gobby Donna the Creation Of Earth. As a way of shutting a mouthy temp from Chiswick up it worked pretty well.

The Doctor describes his home planet Gallifrey to Martha Jones. It sounded pretty nice. Wonder if we'll see more of it soon...

The Doctor sees what his human life as John Smith would have been like. Love, marriage, family and death could all have been his...

  The Doctor and The Master have a chat..thank goodness it didn't go to voicemail


After being the Doctor's loyal companion and saviour of Earth Martha Jones gets all 'independent woman' on the Doctor and tells him she's leaving. This unrequited love business isn't much fun and Martha's ready to leave it and the Doctor behind her..for the moment at least.

The Doctor and Donna meet again with a hilarious scene which set the tone of the amazing friendship for the whole of series 4.

A touching moment with the Doctor and Donna, where Donna is upset by the Ood's plight and the Doctor reveals he can hear the Ood song constantly...

The Doctor and Rose are reunited..she finished that dimension cannon.. but then.. oh no! Those damn Daleks strike again!

  What's better than David Tennant? Two David Tennants! The Doctor becomes two in a strangle cloney woney way.. Donna forget the Doctor! No! And then he leaves alone without a friend to share his travels with.. She must never remember their time together, so we hope she doesn't tune in to BBC One tonight..

  The angry Doctor at the end of The Waters Of Mars was so good it kind of made us want to go and knock on the TARDIS doors and run away just so we could witness his wrath.. Grrrr..

And then the end. He didn't want to go and we didn't want him to go either.

Luckily he's back tonight! Tune in tonight from 7.50pm (GMT) for The Day Of The Doctor.