Debbie Isitt On Nativity 2: Both David Tennant And Joanna Page Are Amongst The Best Actors In Britain.

Debbie Isitt, the creator and director of the hit 2012 Christmas film Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger has been talking about filming with David Tennant and Joanna Page. The stars played overanxious primary school teacher Mr. Peterson and his very pregnant wife in sequel to Nativity! which continued the misadventures of the staff and pupils of St. Bernadette's School. 

“Both David Tennant and Joanna Page are amongst the best actors in Britain. I love working with great actors! They throw themselves into the story and work with genuine fearlessness and commitment,” said Debbie. “I feel so lucky to have worked with such great actors and improvisers in my films. I really feel like I work with the best actors in the country.”

Filming took place on location in Wales and Warwickshire in late 2011. With the characters lost in the Welsh countryside on their way to a Song For Christmas competition, there was opportunity for not only some action packed scenes but also plenty of laughs.

"Filming the Nativity films is always fun. With animals, children and Mr Poppy (Marc Wootton) things can often get out of control and have us all laughing our heads off on set. David and Joanna both had to keep straight faces whilst doing amazingly brave stunts for this movie," explains Debbie. "David fell in the river when white water rafting - by accident! He was thrown down a rapid river but agreed to let me keep it in the scene, as it was so funny!
"Joanna had to get up in a helicopter without any door on it and fly thousands of feet up in the air to try and rescue David, who was stranded on a mountain! She was so brave - they both were - but all the time Mr Poppy was shouting funny things at them to try and make them laugh.
"They both did a fair bit of giggling - but that’s all good fun - it’s in the spirit of the Nativity movies to enjoy the filming process.
"I think the funniest day was when Joanna’s character was giving birth in the manger and David’s character had to deliver the baby twins.I can’t go into too much detail but we were all literally rolling in the hay with laughter!"

Debbie also confirms that there will be a third film in the series."We are just about to start shooting Nativity 3 'Dude, Where’s My Donkey?'" she says."Bring on the children, animals and tinsel' - I’m good to go!"

Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger! is released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on Monday 18th November and the discs will include deleted scenes, outtakes and featurettes. 

It is also due to be released on DVD in the USA and Australia

USA - released on Tuesday 19th November: click here to pre-order

Australia and New Zealand - released Wednesday 20th November: click here to pre-order

David Tennant and Joanna Page will next be seen together again in Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor which will be simulcast by TV broadcasters worldwide on Saturday 23rd November.