David Tennant On The Jo Whiley Show On BBC Radio 2

David Tennant appeared tonight on The Jo Whiley  Show on BBC Radio 2 to play music, eat cake and chat about Doctor Who, Richard II and what's in store for him in the future.

Some highlights from David's chat with Jo:

  • He watched The Stolen Earth and Journey's End to get himself back into the role of the Tenth Doctor for the 50th Anniversary special
  • He worried about stepping on Matt Smith's toes, but  "...Matt was very generous at the whole notion of it...we really got on and we really enjoyed playing with it."
  • On his plait: "I'm sporting some fairly serious hair extensions for Richard II...you can't plait your own extensions, I've discovered. You need help."
  • He and Matt Smith agree that they have set themselves a moral bar on how to behave during their tenures as the Doctor: they feel that they have less scope for the rock'n'roll lifestyles enjoyed by some of their classic predecessors due to the scrutiny they are always under.
  • David can do a pretty good impression of John Hurt and recommends him as a future guest due to his store of amazing stories
  • Working with Billie Piper is "Always a deep joy"
  • David knew about Peter Capaldi playing the Twelfth Doctor about four days before it was officially announced - he worked it out for himself and contacted Peter who in turn was desperate to talk to him.
  • David Tennant says that he still doesn't know if he's in Broadchurch 2 and doesn't understand how other people can know that they're involved in it already as Chris Chibnall is currently still writing the sequel
  • David Tennant confirms that his character in the US Broadchurch remake Gracepoint will be called Emmett Carver and he believes he's the only one of the original UK cast in the remake. However, Chris Chibnall is writing the first episode and will be the showrunner
  • The live broadcast of Richard II was terrifying and he never wants to go through anything like that again. Despite his fears though there were only a couple of minor fluffs which were improvised around.
  • David describes performing Shakespeare: 'like Olympic events for actors'
Jo Whiley - An Evening With David Tennant: The Playlist

   Neil Diamond - Love On The Rocks
   David Bowie - The Next Day
   Manic Street Preachers - Anthem For A Lost Cause
   Lorde - Royals
   Hue And Cry - Looking For Linda
   Blur - Coffee & TV
   Dan Croll - Home
   Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks
   The Proclaimers - Sunshine On Leith