David Tennant Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collectables From Big Chief Studios

DOCTOR WHO 50th Celebration Exclusives

In celebration of the world’s favourite Time Lord, BIG Chief Studios are proud to announce two very exclusive collectables. Initially available at the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Celebration event at London ExCel on 22nd – 24th November and via our their official website thereafter.
10th-Doctor-1_6-EXWhen they originally posted the pre-order for their 10th Doctor 50th Anniversary 1:6 Scale Collector Figure they were taken aback by the unprecedented response from fans and collectors. The Signature Edition sold out in under 30 minutes, quite a feat in a time of economic downturn. They received countless comments via email and on their official Facebook page asking why did they make such a limited quantity, why not a larger edition size, surely we would sell more?
The honest answer is they say that they simply did not know what the response would be, nor did they know whether the figure would sell that strongly or not. Put simply they had to make a decision as to how to proceed and they had to settle on an edition size that we knew we could comfortably sell and not be left with stock in the warehouse. After all these are very expensive items to make, despite what some people may tell you, these do not cost “a fiver to make in China”! As a new company they cannot afford to hold on to inventory and thus elected to proceed with an edition size of 300 x Signature Edition pieces and 1000 x Limited Edition pieces.
It took a little over four months for them to completely sell out of the Limited Edition figures as well, so they knew that there would be a number of people who would have missed out and would have loved to have had the chance to purchase a figure. They could simply have increased the edition size, as many suggested, but they truly believed that doing so would not be fair to those customers who had already pre-ordered under the assumption that the edition size was genuinely limited.
With this in mind they came up with the idea of the Exclusive Edition to be available in time for the official 50th Anniversary Celebration event in London. This would offer fans attending the event, who perhaps had missed out on pre-ordering the 10th Doctor, the chance to own a figure. It seemed the most fair way to make the figure available without under-valuing the editions previously sold-out. They decided to make the figure a slight variant too, with the darker blue shirt and floral patterned tie that David Tennant wears in the upcoming episode “The Day of the Doctor”, to air on BBC1 on Saturday 23rd November.
The 10th Doctor “The Day of the Doctor” Exclusive Edition is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide, priced £179.99 each and will be available for sale at the event on the following dates:
25 pieces available on Friday 22nd November*
25 pieces available on Saturday 23rd November*
25 pieces available on Sunday 24th November*
* Any figures remaining unsold from each date will automatically be added to the next days total available to purchase.

To allow fans and collectors who are unable to attend the event a chance to own this ultra-limited figure they are reserving 25 pieces for sale exclusively via their official website. Please note however, that this figure will not be sold in the usual way. They will be setting up a special sign-up page for customers to enter for a chance to have their name randomly drawn out. Those 25 lucky customers will then be contacted to make their payment and their figure will be shipped out to them in time for the holidays. Note you will not yet be able to register your details, solook out for further details to be posted both here and on their official Facebook page.
10th-Doctor-DynamixIn addition to the 1:6 Scale Collector Figure, they also have a fantastic Exclusive Edition version of the Dynamix Ultra-stylised Vinyl Figurine, which will also be available at the event.
This Exclusive Edition version has the 10th Doctor in his brown pin-striped suit and comes with 2 x interchangeable heads: 1 x standard head and 1 x head wearing 3D glasses. Plus there are also 2 x mini art prints included whilst stocks last.
If you have already pre-ordered the Limited Edition figurine and you would also like to purchase the Exclusive Edition, you will be able swap the heads from both figurines to display how you want.
Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide and priced £59.99 each the figurines will be available initially at the Celebration event and via their official website thereafter.