AUSTRALIA: Watch David Tennant In Fish Hooks As New Series Premieres On Disney

Australian viewers will be able to watch David Tennant's recent appearances in animated series Fish Hooks as the third series premieres on the Disney Channel next week.

Fish Hooks, created by Noah Z. Jones revolves around adolescent fish: brothers Milo and Oscar and their friend Bea Goldfishberg. The show follows their lives at a high school submerged in an aquarium in Bud’s Pet Shop. The series is produced using a characteristic mix of 2D digital animation and photo collages. The regular cast includes Kyle Massey, Chelsea Kane and Justin Roiland. Season 3 of Fish Hooks premières on Saturday 9th November at 7.30am on the Disney Channel.

David Tennant has guest starred as Oscar's short tempered and bewilderingly English brain in two episodes so far - Live From The Hamsterwood Bowl (E3) and Assignment: Babies (E12). The Brain generally chips in when Oscar is having doubts over his ability to impress and woo Bea. 

Episode 3 - Live From The Hamsterwood Bowl
Oscar is excited when Bea accepts his invitation to a concert, but when the rest of their friends tag along, Oscar's dream night with Bea looks like it's going to become a nightmare
Premieres on Saturday 16th November at 7.30am on the Disney Channel

Episode 12 - Assignment: Babies
Weary from his new duties as a father, Mr. Baldwin hands his babies out to the class to help babysit for the week. But after being paired together, Oscar and Bea quickly realize temporary parenthood may tear them apart.
Premiere date and time tbc