VIDEO: David Tennant Pays Tribute To Patrick Troughton On The Doctors Revisited

Digital Spy have uploaded a clip of David Tennant paying tribute to Patrick Troughton. The clip is taken from The Doctors Revisited: The Second Doctor which will premiere in the UK on Watch this weekend.

On the legacy that Patrick Troughton left Doctor Who, David was beyond generous in his recognition of what the actor had done for the show and the role of the Doctor.
"I think Patrick Troughton created the Doctor as he is now." he says, "William Hartnell created something that was unique and brilliant, but actually the Doctor we recognise today is much more Patrick Troughton’s Doctor. We’ve all sort of done our version of kind of what Patrick Troughton did. He gave the show a way to keep going. He allows it to still exist.
"If Patrick Troughton hadn’t done what he did so confidently  and with such charm and so brilliantly I wouldn’t be sitting here today."

The first two episodes of The Doctors Revisted focusing on William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton wil air on Watch on Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.

Another Doctor Who documentary Doctor Who Explained will premiere on Watch on Saturday at 5.30pm.