Video Countdown To Richard II: David Tennant As The Porter In Macbeth

With just two days to go until the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Richard II starring David Tennant opens in Stratford-upon-Avon, our video countdown continues. Today’s clip of David in a Shakespearean performance is actually an audio recording and comes from the 1998 Arkangel Shakespeare recording of Macbeth.

From 1998 onwards, Arkangel released unabridged audio drama versions of all 38 of Shakespeare’s plays performed mainly by members of the Royal Shakespeare Company. David appeared in several of the productions. In Macbeth he takes on the role of the Porter, whose brief appearance provides some comic relief before the discovery of the King’s murder. Macduff is played by Gary Bakewell. 

The production also stars Hugh Ross and Harriet Walter as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Other Arkangel performances by David are:

Henry VI Parts I, II and III – Henry VI
Romeo And Juliet – Mercutio
King Lear – Edgar
The Comedy Of Errors – Antipholus Of Syracuse