UK PREMIERE: Watch Doctor Who Explained Today At 5.30pm On Watch

A new Doctor Who special from the makers of The Doctors Revisited,  Doctor Who Explained, will have its UK premiere on Watch today at 5.30pm, The programme which debuts on the same day as The Doctors Revisited in the UK, takes us behind the scenes of Doctor Who and tells us everything we need to know about the Doctor - current, past or future. There are exclusive interviews with key figures from the show, including Matt Smith, David Tennant, Tom Baker and Steven Moffat along with other Doctors, companions, guest stars and showmakers. 

Doctor Who Explained will also air in Australia on Sunday 20th October on ABC2 and on BBC America in November. It is listed as one of the extras on the DVD and Blu-ray release of The Day Of The Doctor.

On the same day Watch will also air Doctor Who: The Companionsa celebration of the various sidekicks who have assisted the Time Lord in his five decades of adventures. The show first aired on BBC America in March. Companions past and present talk about how the show has changed their lives, and how they've never quite managed to leave the TARDIS behind. The current Doctor Matt Smith and the Tenth Doctor David Tennant are joined by fellow contributors including John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Arthur Darvill (Rory) and Noel Clarke (Mickey).

The shows make up an afternoon of Doctor Who on Watch this Saturday, with the schedule as follows:

Saturday 12th October

2.00pm BST   Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor

2.30pm BST   Doctor Who - The Aztecs

4.30pm BST   Doctor Who - The Companions

5.30pm BST   Doctor Who Explained

6.30pm BST   Doctor Who - Voyage Of The Damned

All programmes are repeated an hour later on Watch+1

Doctor Who - The Companions and Doctor Who Explained are repeated on Sunday 13th on Watch at 12pm and 1pm respectively ahead of the Second Doctor Special.