The Escape Artist Showcased At Entertainment Industry Event MIPCOM This Week

Red Arrow International will showcase the new BBC One drama The Escape Artist starring David Tennant at MIPCOM in Cannes from today until Thursday 10th October.

The worldwide TV sales and distribution company will be presenting the thriller for sale to international broadcasters as one of their fiction highlights, increasing the likelihood of it being shown in other countries.

MIPCOM (7-10 October) is the year’s most anticipated global market for entertainment content across all platforms. Each autumn, the industry’s leaders converge in Cannes for four days of meetings, screenings and conferences and to strike programme deals.

The drama’s writer David Wolstencroft yesterday tweeted this image of one of the promotional banners for the series:

The Escape Artist 
A thriller set in the legal world that is as much about primal feelings as it is about the twists and turns of the case. In The Escape Artist, the law is not just an intellectual exercise. Scratch under the surface and it is all blood and guts.
David Tennant stars as Will Burton, a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in getting people out of tight legal corners... hence, his nickname “The Escape Artist”. Will is in high demand as he has never lost a case. With a loving young family and promotion to the Queen’s Counsel in his future, everything is on the up-and-up.
Will’s next case sees him defending a man named Liam Foyle, who has been charged with the horrific murder of a young woman. The evidence against Foyle is overwhelming, but Will, being who he is, gets the man off on a technicality. It is almost like he cannot help but be brilliant. For the first time in his career, Will questions the morality of what he does and fails to shake Foyle’s hand at the end of the trial.
Foyle is released. He is a serial killer. His next victim is only a matter of time. And now, his attentions have turned toward Will. Will’s brilliance comes back to bite him with unexpected and chilling results. Not to mention a shocking twist in the tale.

Directed by Brian Welsh
Created and written by David Wolstencroft
Starring David Tennant, Toby Kebbell, Sophie Okonedo, Ashley Jensen
Produced by Hilary Bevan Jones and Paul Frift for Endor Productions for BBC One in association with Red Arrow International.

The drama is expected to begin on BBC One later this month