Tenth Doctor Month - The Weeping Angels Named As Your Favourite Foe

As we celebrate Tenth Doctor month as part of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary year celebrations we asked you who your favourite for to battle with David Tennant's Doctor is?

It was a close contest, but the winner was The Weeping Angels, who scored a massive 31% of the vote, scoring closely in second place was The Master with 28% and third favourite the Daleks with 13%.

Heart Of Stone:
The Weeping Angels are time-sensitive killers, as old as the universe, who thrived on chronon energy. They would send their victims back in time just by touching them, to live their lives in a different time zone, and the Angels would feed on the potential time energy created by the vanishing people's preordained lives being disturbed.
Once known as the Lonely Assasins, because they could never touch anything without sending it back in time, they could only move and attack if they weren't being observed; if they were seen, they immediately became quantum locked and froze in to solid stone. They could cross vast distances in the time it took their victim to blink. The Doctor used the unwitting Sally Sparrow to trap them - when Sally and her friend Larry accessed the TARDIS, the Angels gathered around it, hoping to feed of it's energy, but the Doctor had pre set a dematerialisation sequence, meaning that it vanished around Sally and Larry. Caught off guard the Angels were all left looking at each other when the TARDIS vanished and so the four of them were frozen for eternity, unable to close their eyes and unable to not see one another.