Tenth Doctor Month: Meet The Foes - The Family Of Blood

Son Of Mine was a malicious and malevolent member of The Family Of Blood who saw the death and destruction they wrought as a sport. He took the body of Jeremy Baines, an unpleasant schoolboy who was a bully and a racist, and infiltrated the school, hoping to sniff out the Doctor, whose body he wanted to inhabit so he could live forever. Not realising the Doctor had made himself a human, the Family followed him to the village dance hoping to expose him.
Son Of Mine murdered the doorman and threatened to kill both Martha Jones and Joan Redfern unless the Doctor turned back in to a Time Lord.
Son Of Mine then led an attack on the school using the Scarecrows he had created using molecular fringe animation. Not realising he wasn't dealing with Baines, Rocastle, the Headmaster, challenged Son Of Mine who then murdered the bursar, Mr Phillips, to show he meant business.
After failing to get the Doctor to revert back to being a Time Lord, Son Of Mine decided to flush him out by bombing the village from the spaceship. John Smith then arrived, offering up the fob watch which contained the Doctor's life essence, but Son Of Mine discovered firstly that it was empty and just a watch again, and secondly that the Doctor had already changed back and had tricked the Family. He overloaded the ship's system and Son Of Mine led his Family out just before it blew up. The Doctor then captured him and trapped him inside one of his Scarecrows and left Son Of Mine watching over England's fields for eternity.

Daughter Of Mine took on the form of six year old Lucy Cartwright who was skipping along the lane and kidnapped by a Scarecrow. Daughter Of Mine then murdered Lucy's parents and the Headmaster of the local school. The Doctor trapped Daughter Of Mine, still in Lucy's form, within the refractive index of a mirror. She was to inhabit the dark recess of a mirror, all mirrors, for eternity, the Doctor returning to visit her once a year, every year.

Father Of Mine was the leader of The Family Of Blood who brought the Family to Earth in their invisible spaceship. He wanted to track the Doctor down so that Son Of Mine could inhabit his body. Father Of Mine took the body of Mr Clark, a slightly pompous man who ran Oakham Farm. He was responsible for tracking down the Doctor's TARDIS and for the murder of the bandleader Mr Chambers. The Doctor trapped Father Of Mine in an underground chmaber for eternity, binding him in unbreakable chains forged in a dwarf star.

Mother Of Mine was the last of the Family to find herself a body, taking on the form of Martha's friend and colleague Jenny, who had worked as a maid in the school. Posing as Jenny she continued to be friendly to Martha after realising that she had connections to the Doctor. She turned up at the village dance with the rest of The Family and caused carnage there and shortly afterwards at the school. 
The Doctor threw Mother Of Mine into the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy where she would remian for eternity.