Tenth Doctor Month: Meet The Foes - The Carrionites

If ever there was proof of the saying 'looks can deceptive' beautiful Lilith was it. She was Carrionite daughter to Mother Bloodtide and Mother Doomfinger, and leader of the three aliens trying trying to create their Millennium Of Blood - a resurgence of the Carrionite Empire. Lilith was an expert in spellcasting via word-shaping, naming and the use of dolls laced with human hair.
The Carrionites were a female dominated species which existed when the universe was young, based in the 14 stars of the Rexel Planetary Configuaration. As a species, they were cast into the Deep Darkness by the Eternals, who legend has it used the Rexel stars as a prison door.

Lilith and her mothers escaped back to 16th Century England through the words of a depondent William Shakespeare  - Carrionite science being based on sensing emotions such as grief and suffering and using them to manipulate matter via words, shapes, numbers and names.
They had Peter Streete design a 14 sided amphitheatre that would channel their energies back into the Deep Darkness when the correct words were spoken aloud at the epicentre of the structure - a moment the Carrionites referred to as the Hour Of Woven Words. 

Their true form was more akin to a giant skeletal raven or crow but, by using words, the three Carrionites could reshape themselves into a more humanoid form. This required a lot of energy so, with the exception of Lilith who occasionally appeared as a pretty young woman, they often appeared aged and ugly.

When The Doctor and William Shakespeare turned their spellcasting back on them, Lilith and her mothers were trapped inside their crystal ball for eternity.
The Doctor kept their crystal ball in a box in the TARDIS and filed it under 'C' for Carrionites.