Tenth Doctor Month: Meet The Companions - Donna Noble

Donna Noble was halfway up the aisle of St Mary's church and about wed fiance Lance Bennett when she found herself on board the TARDIS, a side effect of the Empress of Racnoss' plans hatched with her accomplice, who just happened to be Donna's husband to be!
Donna met Lance when she was temping as a secretary for HC Clements, six months before their wedding day. He had offered to make her a cup of coffee and it was love at first sight for Donna. However it later emerged that the coffee contained Huon Energy in liguid form and that Lance was drugging her on behalf of the Empress, who was using Donna's body to catalyse the Huon particles, enabling her to release the remaining Racnoss from the centre of the Earth.
The Doctor later deduced that it was when these particles inside Donna had magnetised with those inside the TARDIS that she was drawn on board and was then able to reverse the process, summoning the TARDIS to materialise around them.
The Doctor confirmed that the Huon Energy, which is deadly to humans, had been drained from Donna by the Empress before she returned home.

Prior to her time at HC Clements Donna, who is the daughter of Sylvia and Geoff Noble and the granddaughter to Wilfred Mott, lived alone with her dog in London. 
Donna liked Pringles, fashionable fads and celebrity gossip. She hated Christmas so much that she deliberately scheduled her wedding for Christmas Eve with a honeymoon in Morocco to follow.
The Doctor observed that Donna had the tendency to miss huge events that were happening all around her. She was too hungover to notice the Sycorax invasion ('The Christmas Invasion') and was scuba diving in Spain when the Cybermen manifested across the globe ('Army Of Ghosts' / 'Doomsday') .
Athough the Doctor helped Donna to put her life in to perspective she turned down the opportunity to travel him following their encounter with the Racnoss, choosing to give up temping and go travelling alone instead.
She did however hope that their paths would cross again one day.....

Despite turning the Doctor down and opting to give up her temping job and go travelling alone instead when we catch up with Donna we find life hasn't turned out the way she planned, her father has died and she's living at home with her interfering mother Sylvia, her closest friend is her caring grandfather Wilf. Her travels around the world turned out to consist of a holiday to Egypt and her mother is nagging her to get a new job. 
Donna never forgot the Doctor and all she could think of was how different her life would be if only she had said yes and agreed to travel with him. In a bid to meet him again Donna began investigating strange phenomenon, hoping beyond hope that the Doctor would also investigate and they would meet again. 
The pair's paths eventually crossed when Donna was posing as a health and safety inspector at Adipose Industries and she and the Doctor join forces once more. After stopping the Adipose Donna admits to the Doctor that she kept her mum's car packed with clothes (a lot of clothes! and hats!) just in case she met him again so that she would be ready to leave with him at a moments notice. After firmly warning the Doctor that she was not interested in a romance with him the two headed off together bound for Pompeii (Fires Of Pompeii). After that they travelled to the Ood-Sphere, where the Ood christened the pair of them Doctor-Donna (Planet Of The Ood). 
When they returned to Earth the Doctor and Donna joined forces with the Doctor's former companion Martha Jones to stop the Sontarans' stratagem involving the ATMOS devices (The Sontarana Stratagen / The Poison Sky).

With Martha they travelled to Messaline (The Doctor's Daughter), and then Donna and the Doctor Agatha Christie (The Unicorn And The Wasp) and visited The Library (Silence In The Library / Forest Of The Dead). Whilst in The Library they met River Song. River knew all about Donna and hinted that she would play a very important part in the Doctor's life, but she refused to reveal what she knew.
Donna was one of the people that the Doctor spoke about to Sky Silvestry on Midnight (Midnight). 
Shortly before leaving Earth with the Doctor, Donna had her first meeting with Rose Tyler, although she didn't know it was Rose - but Rose was tracking Donna because she knew she was integral to reaching the Doctor to warn him that the universes, all of them, were collapsing.
She was able to talk to Donna in the alternative reality where Donna had never met the Doctor, telling her the phrase 'Bad Wolf', knowing that this would lead the Doctor to start searching for her (Turn Left). 

When Earth and 26 other planets were transported to the Medusa Cascade, the Doctor and Rose were finally reunited, but a Dalek shot and wounded the Doctor, almost starting a regeneration. The Doctor deflected the regeneration energy into his spare hand and later Donna touched it, causing a metacrisis. The result of this was the creation of another, part human Doctor, while Donna found that her brain was now filled with all of the Doctor's knowledge and awareness of time and space. She used this to stop Davros and the Daleks but the metacrisis was killing her, and the Doctor had to destroy all memories of him and everything they had ever seen and done together from her mind. Heartbroken, he took Donna home to Wilfred and Sylvia, telling them that if Donna ever remembered anything about him, she would die (The Stolen Earth / Journey's End).

The following Christmas, when the Master tried to create the Master race, the metacrisis prevented the Donna from being turned into the Master, instead it protected her, sending out waves of mental energy as her memories started to come back, stopping the local Masters and putting Donna in a coma until, once again, the memories faded forever.
Months later, the Doctor watched her wedding day as she married Shaun Temple and gave her a wedding gift - via Wilfred and Sylvia - a winning lottery ticket he'd bought with a pound borrowed from her late father, which meant that she and Shaun would be set up for life (The End Of Time Part II).