Tenth Doctor Month: Meet The Companions - Martha Jones

Daughter of Clive and Francine, sister to Tish and Leo, aunt to Keisha, and cousin of the late Adeola Oshodi, Martha Jones was a medical student at the Royal Hope Hospital in London when she first met the Doctor. 
Under the tutelage of Mr Stoker, she worked alongside Julia Swales and Oliver Morgenstern, and was able to to employ CPR to resuscitate the Doctor when a Plasmavore drained his body of blood (Smith and Jones) 
Following her transportation to the moon and subsequent return to Earth, Martha accepted the Doctor's offer of a single thank-you trip in the TARDIS, despite concerns about her rent and her exams. Upon materialising in 1599, she was initially cautious about changing history, but quickly learned to embrace the Doctor's time travelling lifestyle, using her knowledge of Harry Potter books to help Shakespeare defeat the Carrionites (The Shakespeare Code.)
The Doctor then took Martha to New, New York in the far future (Gridlock) before travelling back to old New York in the 1930s, a city she had always wanted to visit. She was identified as possessing superior intelligence by the Daleks, and was taken for their Final Experiment, before being rescued by the Doctor and Laszlo. (Daleks In Manhattan, Evolution Of The Daleks). Following the defeat of the Daleks, the Doctor took Martha home to 2008, just 12 hours after their departure the previous evening. 
They attended the reception for Professor Lazurus' rejuvenation demonstration, where Martha introduced the Doctor to her family as one of her work colleagues and Martha's mother, Francine, became increasingly suspicious of her daughter's behaviour. (The Lazarus Experiment).
The Doctor then invited Martha to join him as a proper companion, giving her a key to the TARDIS, and providing her mobile with Universal Roaming (42). 
Together they embarked on a quest to find the legendary vessel The Inifinite (The Infinite Quest).

When the Doctor made himself human, Martha was left responsible for the safety of his alter ego John Smith.
Smith found Martha employment alongside him at Farringham School For Boys, where she worked as a maid for several weeks, and befriended fellow staff member Jenny.
During this time Martha, who was deeply in love with the Doctor, was forced to watch as he, as John Smith, fell in love with Joan Redfern. This left her upset and confused as to why he had chosen to fall in love with someone who wasn't her.
She protected Smith from the attack by the Family Of Blood and ultimately had to persuade him and Joan that the Doctor should be brought back into existence meaning that John and Joan's life together must end. (Human Nature / The Family Of Blood).
The Doctor and Martha also watched the moon landing no fewer than four times, and when they were transported to 1969 by the Weeping Angels, Martha had to find employment as a shop assistant to support the Doctor (Blink).

It was on a trip to Malcassairo, a planet at the end of the Universe, that Martha first met the Master, who was masquerading, in human form, as Professor Yana. (Utopia)
Eventually Martha, Captain Jack and the Doctor returned to Earth only four days after her first meeting with the Doctor. Martha's flat was destroyed by the Master, who then took her family prisoner in an attempt to lure the Doctor and his friends in to his trap. Having never engaged in any criminal activity, Martha became an unlikely fugitive as part of the Master's plans. She teleported aboard the Valiant with the Doctor and Jack, where they were taken prisoner. Escaping with Jack's Vortex Manipulator, Martha was then left on Earth to defeat the Master alone.

Unable to return to Britain for an entire year, Martha travelled the world, carrying out the Doctor's instructions. She sailed the Atlantic single-handed and walked across America, travelling from the ruins of New York, to the Fusion Mills of China, and across the Radiation Pits of Europe. She was said to be the only person who escaped Japan alive, and legends claimed that she had travelled the world in search of a weapon capable of killing the Master. In reality, she had been telling her tale of the Doctor to the world, and used her knowledge of Docherty's son to ensure she was on board the Valiant for the Doctor's victory.
Following the Master's defeat, Martha Jones decided to stay on Earth to look after her family, and to seek out Thomas Milligan, who had sacrificed his life for Martha in the year that never was. She also reminded herself of the advice she had given to her friend Vicky, and took the opportunity to escape her unrequited love for the Doctor, her self confessed Heart's Desire. Parting on good terms Martha left her phone with the Doctor determined that she would see him again one day soon... (The Sound Of Drums / Last Of The Time Lords).

Martha was working for UNIT when she phoned the Doctor and asked him to return to Earth to help her investigate the ATMOS deaths. (The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky). 
During their time apart Martha had finished her medical school exams and had become a fully qualified doctor, she had also joined forces with her old friend Captain Jack Harkness and helped him out when she went to work with him at Torchwood.
The Doctor discovered that the Sontarans were planning on turning Earth in to a breeding planet, and helped by a clone of Martha they had infiltrated UNIT.
Martha was with the clone when it died and she realised that it had shared the same memories, thoughts and emotions as herself.
After the Sontarans were defeated Martha went into the TARDIS to say goodbye to the Doctor and Donna Noble, but the TARDIS took off before she could leave.
She was transported to the planet Messaline, where the Doctor's cells were used to create a warrior girl, Jenny (The Doctor's Daughter). Martha was separated from the Doctor and Donna while helping a injured Hath, who helped her cross the planet's hostile surface to reunite her with her friends. The Hath, Peck, sacrificed his own life to save Martha. The Doctor then returned her to Earth.
Martha was one of the things the Doctor mentioned to Sky Silvestry and she repeated it back at him (Midnight).

Her work with UNIT took her to New York where she was the medical specialist working on Project Indigo, when the Manhattan HQ was attacked by Daleks. Using Indigo to take her home to her mother, Martha was one of the people contacted by Harriet Jones via her Subwave Network. 
Martha then travelled to Germany, to possibly use the Osterhagen Key UNIT had given her, but was teleported to the Dalek Crucible in the Medusa Cascade instead, as one of the Children Of Time. Alongside the Doctor, Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness she defeated Davros and the Daleks and was returned to Earth in the TARDIS. Leaving Jack, they were joined by Rose's ex boyfriend Mickey Smith (The Stolen Earth / Journey's End).

Some time later Martha broke off her engagement to Thomas Milligan and married Mickey. She left UNIT and worked with him, tracking down dangerous aliens on Earth, including a Sontaran Commander, Jask. Jask was close to killing them both, when the Doctor and arrived and stopped him. Mickey and Martha realised this was the very last time they would see the Tenth Doctor - he had come to say goodbye. (The End Of Time - Part II)