Tenth Doctor Month: Meet The Companions - Rose Tyler

The only daughter to Pete and Jackie Tyler, Rose grew up with her Mum on the Powell Estate in South East London, her Dad, Pete was killed after being hit by a car when she was just six months old.
Rose left school to live with Jimmy Stone, who left her £800 in debt and broke her heart, she left him and moved back home to live with her Mum. She then rekindled her romance with mechanic Mickey Smith and found herself a job as a shop assistant at Henrik's department store. It was whilst working here that she first met the Doctor in 2005.
After she helped the Doctor defeat the Nestene Conciousness ('Rose') she was invited to join the Doctor on board the TARDIS. 
During her travels in the TARDIS Rose met Charles Dickens and was made a Dame by Queen Victoria. She saw the war-torn London of 1941 and the post-war London of 1953. She and the Doctor took a trip to the 2012 London Olympics and she visited a spaceship 3,000 years after her own time. She chatted to a French aristocrat 250 years before she herself was born and had a narrow escape from Japan's 14th century capital Kyoto. 
She also saw what would become of television in the 200.001st century and a future for the human race badly at odds with the Doctor's description of a 'great and bountiful Empire.'

At the very start of their travels together the Doctor had hoped to impress her with the prospect of watching the world end from the safety of an orbiting space station some five billion years in the future ('The End Of The World'). They later made a return trip to that era, and visited the New Earth that the human race had gone on to establish. On each of these trips Rose encountered a selection of alien races of all shapes, sizes and colour, her early wariness quickly evolving into appreciation for the different wonders that the Doctor could show her. On one visit to an unnamed alien world the Doctor asked her long she would stay with him, her answer was "Forever".
However many aliens that Rose encountered with the Doctor were less friendly, among them the Gelth, Raxacoricofallapatorians, the Jargafess, Roboform Santas, Sycorax, a Werewolf, Krillitanes, Clockwork Droids, the Wire, the Beast and the Abzorbaloff.  She also endured bodily possession by the self proclaimed 'Last Human' Lady Cassandra O'Brien ('New Earth').

Early in their adventures, the Doctor and Rose returned to the Powell Estate to find that they had been missing for a for a whole year and a distraught Jackie Tyler thought that her beloved daughter had been murdered. Jackie pleaded with Rose not to return to the Doctor and go on further adventures with him, but this had no effect on Rose's decision to keep travelling with the Doctor. Rose did however stay in touch with her Mum, the Doctor upgraded her mobile so that she could call her from any time or place and she returned home on frequent visits.
Rose pleaded with the Doctor to take her back to 1987 (Father's Day) as she wanted to be with her father when he died. He did as Rose asked but she couldn't resist saving Pete's life and created a wound in time which let in the Reapers, which rampaged across the planet until Pete sacrificed himself for the sake of saving the world.
Later when Rose travelled to a parallell  universe (Rise Of The Cybermen / The Age Of Steel) she discovered an Earth where Pete was still alive and had become a successful business man - she however had never been born and, much to the Doctor's amusement,  her mother Jackie doted upon a small dog named Rose instead. It was only after Jackie had been converted into a Cyberform that Rose revealed her true identity to Peter but he was confused by her claims and shunned her.
Rose was to meet with this version of Pete again when the 'Pete's world' Cybermen  attacked Rose's Earth. The breach that they used also let through the Daleks...

Rose had first encountered a Dalek in 2012 in an underground museum in Utah ('Dalek'). Unaware of it's true nature, Rose has initially felt sympathy for the imprisoned creature and had inadvertently allowed it to absorb her DNA, enabling it to regenerate. As the Dalek killed the inhabitants of the base, Rose used her connection to the Dalek to end the slaughter, ordering it to commit suicide in the process.
Some time later, the TARDIS crew, were transported onto the Game Station in the year 200,100, shortly before it came under attack from a huge Dalek fleet. The Doctor sent Rose home in the TARDIS, condemning himself to death alone. Desperate to return to his side, Rose forced open the ship's console hoping to communicate with the heart of the TARDIS. Instead she absorbed the Time Vortex itself, granting her mastery over the whole of time and space and allowing her to return to the Game Station. Here she confronted the Dalek Emperor and divided it's fleet into atoms. The power though was killing Rose and the Doctor absorbed it from her, with a kiss, sacrificing his own life to save her from a certain death.
This was the first time that Rose 'lost' the Doctor - the Vortex energy triggered his regeneration and Rose found herself with an apparent stranger. The second time also involved the Daleks..

As the Cult Of Skaro and the Cybermen from the parallel Earth battled at Canary Wharf, the Doctor devised a plan that would seal both species into the Void. Rose made the decision not to accompany her family in to 'Pete's World' and chose the Doctor over them.
As Rose helped the Doctor to activate the Levers that opened the breach and sucked the Daleks and the Cybermen into the Void, she slipped and fell towards the opening, but she was saved by Pete Tyler. She was transported to 'Pete's World', where she joined Jackie and Mickey. Rose now had her whole family around her, with Pete and Jackie reunited and expecting a new baby. But the the breach was closed and she could never see the Doctor again. Rose was inconsolable and sobbed uncontrollably. It became clear that Rose was madly in love with the Doctor and she was beyond heartbroken at being parted from him.
Sometime later Rose began to hear the Doctor's voice calling her. She told her family and they all followed the voice to Bad Wolf Bay in Norway where a projection of the Doctor appeared, he was harnessing the power of a supernova to transmit through one of the final breaches.
Because the breach was to close permanently in two minutes, the pair share one last but very brief conversation. Rose broke down as she confessed to the Doctor that she loved him, but just as the Doctor starts to reply, the breach closed and he was gone from her life forever. The last we see of Rose Tyler is her devastated figure sobbing against the bleak landscape...

But it wasn't to be Rose's final meeting with the Doctor by a long shot. Using a Dimension Cannon, she made her return to Earth for the first time, arriving in Brook Street just as Donna was preparing to leave with the Doctor (Partners In Crime). She attempted to make contact with the Doctor first via the scanners in the TARDIS (The Poison Sky) and then on Midnight, via Crusader 50's video screen, but he didn't notice her and the signal wasn't strong enough to allow audible contact. Ironically, Rose was one of the things the Doctor mentioned to Sky Silvestry on Midnight which she repeated back at him (Midnight). 
Rose finally made contact with the Donna of an alternative timeline and gave her a message to pass on to the Doctor when that Donna died and time was put back on course: 'Bad Wolf' (Turn Left).
After her Dimension Cannon took her to the Noble's home in Chiswick, Rose watched as Harriet Jones contacted all of the Doctor's other friends, but was unable to join in with their online conversations. After Harriet was killed Rose made one final jump - and was finally reunited with the Doctor when a Dalek shot him!

After he used his regeneration energy to heal himself, the Doctor took Rose, Jack and Donna to the Dalek Crucible in the Medusa Cascade, where they discovered the Daleks creator Davros was building a Reality Bomb. After helping defeat the Daleks, the Doctor returned Rose and her mum Jackie to Pete and her new brother Tony on 'Pete's World' - but he left behind a part human Doctor, created by his regeneration energy mixed with Donna's human DNA. This Doctor could confess that he loved Rose, and the two began a new life together - the Doctor and Rose were together at last. (The Stolen Earth, Journey's End)

On New Year's Dy 2005, just after midnight, the Tenth Doctor spoke to Rose Tyler before she even met the Ninth Doctor - as his way of saying a last goodbye before he regenerated...