Richard II Music And Speeches CD Released Today

A new RSC CD featuring music and speeches from David Tennant's Richard II is released today.

This CD features music from the new production composed by Paul Englishby, along with speeches performed by cast members David Tennant, Jane Lapotaire and Michael Pennington It also includes music composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams from the 1913 RSC production of Richard II

Track listing
1. Lacrimosa (Paul Englishby)
2. Richard (Paul Englishby)
3. Finds brotherhood in thee no sharper spur? (speech Act I Sc ii Duchess of Gloucester - Jane Lapotaire)
4. In Paradisum (Paul Englishby)
5. Methinks I am a prophet new inspired (speech Act II Sc i John of Gaunt - Michael Pennington)
6. True Born Englishman (Paul Englishby)
7. Sicut Cervus (Paul Englishby)
8. Of comfort no man speak (speech Act III Sc ii Richard II - David Tennant)
9. Bolingbroke (Paul Englishby)
10. Requiem Aeternam (Paul Englishby)
11. Eased with being nothing (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
12. Greensleeves (arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams)
13. In weeping after this untimely bier (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
14. Agnus dei (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
15. Pie Jesu, Amen (Paul Englishby)

The CD is out now and costs £5 or £4.50 for RSC members