New Illuminations Richard II Production Blog: ‘Impartial Are Our Eyes And Ears’

John Wyver of Illuminations has published his latest blog post detailing the progress of preparations for the Royal Shakespeare Company's staging of Richard II and the broadcast of the 13th November performances to cinemas worldwide. John will be working with the RSC on the production of the Live From Stratford-upon-Avon stream, which will go live to UK cinemas and subsequently to screens worldwide.

In his sixth production diary, John reveals that he has watched a full run through of the play, starring David Tennant as King Richard. He attended with the screen director Robin Lough, associate producer David Gopsill and some of the technical crew, in order to get a sense of the production as they prepare for the live broadcast. Also present were the musicians and other creatives, all concerned with their own parts in the stage production. 

The company has now moved up to Stratford-upon-Avon for technical rehearsals which started today. A full dress rehearsal takes place on Thursday, with the first preview following that evening. 

John also talks about:

  • The technical development of the set at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre
  • The updated venue list for the international screening - click here
  • The release of a CD of music and speeches from the production - click here
  • The Independent interview with David Tennant and Greg Doran - click here to read
  • The BBC Radio 4 Front Row interview with David and Greg
  • This week's video production diary, which visited the RSC costume department. This and all previous diaries are available to watch here

Read John Wyver's full blog here

Richard II opens in Stratford-upon-Avon on 10th October 2013 and will run until 16th November 2013. It will then transfer to the Barbican Theatre in London from December 9th 2013 until 25th January 2014.

The play will be filmed and streamed live into UK cinemas on Wednesday 13th November, and then into cinemas in locations worldwide in broadcasts running until February 2014.