Fans Won't Have Long To Wait To See The Day Of The Doctor Trailer

The Radio Times reports that fans won't have long to wait until they see a trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor.
Saturday saw the premiere of the spectacular new 50 Years Of Doctor Who trailer, but what it didn't feature was any actual footage from The Day Of The Doctor, but according to the Radio Times this will soon be rectified as they quote Steven Moffat as telling them:

"If it were up to me, the BBC would only publicise Doctor Who and Sherlock, however, in their biased and wrong-headed view, they have a number of shows on before Sherlock and Doctor Who that they have to publicise now, so they’re waiting to publicise Doctor Who and Sherlock until later.
"I agree it is a crime! Who cares about those other shows? I don’t! But I have to wait in line, so the reason you haven’t see the 50th trailer yet is it’s too early to put it on.
"But it’s not going to be very much longer..."

In the meantime here's Saturday's trailer again: