David Tennant Will Star In The US Adaptation Of Broadchurch

TV Guide Magazine in America have posted that David Tennant will star in the US adaptation of Broadchurch for Fox.

David will be playing a role similar to that of Alec Hardy in the original ITV series. He will be leading the investigation into the murder of a child found below a cliff face in a coastal town. However, this time round his character will be American.

The new adaptation will be executive produced by the UK series creator Chris Chibnall, who has also confirmed that he has written the first episode. Dan Futterman (In Treatment, Capote) and Anya Epstein (In Treatment, Homicide) have joined the drama as executive producers and showrunners. The show will also be executive produced by Shine America's Carolyn Bernstein (The Bridge) and Jane Featherstone (The Hour) from drama producer Kudos.

UPDATED: Chris Chibnall has now confirmed via Twitter that David Tennant will be joining the cast:

@ChrisChibnall: Classy showrunning duo (Oscar nominee Dan Futterman & Homicide/In Treatment ace Anya Epstein) & DT join the team: http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/10/02/broadchurch-david-tennant-fox-remake/ …

The American version starts shooting in January 2014.

Chris Chibnall is also currently writing a second series of Broadchurch  for ITV in the UK. Olivia Colman, Arthur Darvill and Simone McAullay have all said that they have been asked back, but David Tennant has not given any hint that he will be returning. Talking to Mark Lawson on BBC Radio 4's Front Row he said,

"You’d need to ask Chris Chibnall. He’s writing it as we speak..I will see what I can do. The first series I very much enjoyed so I’d like to be involved in series two”

Recently Chris Chibnall told Entertainment Weekly that the US version will be as good as, if not better than the UK version

 “I’m very, very fascinated to see this story in a different landscape with an acting ensemble that’s just as strong but taken from really great American actors,” he said. “The DNA of the original is absolutely intact and filtered through a new prism, so it should still feel just as vibrant, and interesting, and strange, and unique, and beautiful, but just in a different setting — and then it’s exploring the dramatic opportunities that that offers up. We’re not gonna do the terrible version. We’re gonna do a great version.”

Source: TV Guide