David Tennant Admits Cowardice Put Him Off Betting On TV Secrets

David Tennant has admitted that he could have cleaned up at the bookies earlier this year by placing bets on the killer in Broadchurch and on Peter Capaldi being the new Doctor Who, because he knew both in advance. Talking to Radio Times he said,

“It was tempting, but then I thought it would be traced back and the carnage that would cause in the popular press… It’s basic cowardice and hopefully a lack of avarice. Don’t make me out to be entirely without virtue.”

David, who has already picked up an award for his role as DI Alec Hardy in Broadchurch and is in the running for more, said that playing the distant and abrupt detective was actually quite an invigorating experience that he would love to be able to carry on into real life.

“I’d love to be rude,” he said. “It doesn't change the world, but it makes me feel better and is hugely liberating. I’d like to be much ruder to people who put their elbow in your face on the Tube, or don’t look where they’re going.”

David's next TV appearance will be the new BBC drama The Escape Artist which begins on Tuesday 29th October. In the legal thriller, written by David Wolstencroft, David plays barrister Will Burton whose ability to win even the most hopeless cases suddenly comes back to bite him in the most shocking fashion. However, David does despair that crime dramas are always more popular than political ones, and reflects a general public disinterest in politics.

“I guess the terrible truth is not enough viewers are interested," he said. "They should be. If you don’t have an opinion and don’t vote you have no right to complain about anything. Just shut up and pay your taxes. This is my question for Radio Times readers: why are there so few political dramas on television? And why am I not in one? I’m ready, and have some gaps next year.”

The Escape Artist begins on BBC One at 9pm on Tuesday 29th October. 

Read the full interview with David and a preview of The Escape Artist in the new issue of Radio Times, out tomorrow