VIDEO: Chris Chibnall Explains The Significance Of Episode 5 Of Broadchurch

Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall has given an explanation of the role that episode five plays in the series in exploring how the press work when covering a murder investigation. He says that he spoke to a number of journalists who had worked on nationally famous cases who had become uncomfortable with what resulted

"[The episode] investigated the role of the press, particularly the tabloid press in Britain, and their participation when a murder case becomes public property and part of the national conversation," he told The Hollywood Reporter
"The papers feed the public interest but then the public interest demands more in the press and speculation can look like fact. We've had a number of cases in the U.K. where innocent people have had their names and faces on the front page of national newspapers as if they were killers"

He explains that Jack Marshall’s story in tonight’s episode reflects this. Exploring Jack’s past in more depth fleshed out a character that could otherwise have become a two-dimensional scapegoat
"There's nobody you can't love once you know their story," he says quoting a proverb. "I believe that to be, in the majority, true. The character of Jack is a great example of that. Everybody has a story and everybody has an emotional life and I wanted to explore that."

Watch an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode here courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter featuring David Tennant as DI Alec Hardy, Olivia Colman as DS Ellie Miller and David Bradley as the beleaguered Jack Marshall

Chris Chibnall is currently working on the second series of Broadchurch for ITV and Kudos and in January 2014 he will be working with Fox to develop a US adaptation of the series.

Watch the new episode of Broadchurch tonight on BBC America at 10pm ET/PT