USA: Doctor Who: Scream Of The Shalka Released On DVD Today

The 2003 animated Doctor Who adventure Scream Of The Shalka is released on DVD in the USA today. 

Scream Of The Shalka was originally produced as a continuation of the TV series and took the form of six 15-minute episodes released on webcasts on the official BBC Doctor Who website. The adventure stars Richard E Grant (Dr. Simeon, The Great Intelligence) as the Ninth Doctor. David Tennant featured in a minor voice role as the Caretaker, while other cast included Derek Jacobi, here playing the Master, a role he later repeated on TV, and Sophie Okonedo (Liz Ten) voicing Alison Cheney. The subsequent revival of the show in 2005 relegated Scream Of The Shalka to non-canon status. 

The adventure sees the Doctor in a Lancashire village battling a race of underground-dwelling aliens, the Shalka, who are planning to take over the Earth. 

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The DVD was released in the UK yesterday - UK fans can order it below:

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