USA: David Tennant Returns To Fish Hooks Tonight

David Tennant will be revisiting the role of Oscar's Brain in a new episode of Fish Hooks that premieres on Disney in the USA at 9.15pm tonight. Assignment Babies is the twelfth episode of season 3.

Fish Hooks (S3 E12) Assignment: Babies
Weary from his new duties as a father, Mr. Baldwin hands his babies out to the class to help babysit for the week. But after being paired together, Oscar and Bea quickly realize temporary parenthood may tear them apart.

Fish Hooks is an original animated series created by Noah Z. Jones for Disney. Since its September 2010 debut, it has been one of TV's top animated series among 6-14 year olds. Fish Hooks features a talented voice cast including Chelsea Kane (Dancing with the Stars, JONAS) as Bea, Kyle Massey (Dancing with the Stars, Cory in the House) as Milo, and Justin Roiland (The Sarah Silverman Program) as Oscar. The series follows best fish friends Bea, Milo and Oscar as they tackle everyday tween life from friendship, dating and sports, to more atypical situations like giant lobsters, babysitting an ornery catfish and learning to ride a bucking scorpion.
David Tennant previously appeared in Season 3, Episode 3: Live from the Hamsterwood Bowl. Other series guest stars have included George Takei, Ozzy Osbourne, Felicia Day, Ed O’Neill and Jaime Pressly.