Two More Dragons Titles Read By David Tennant Set For Release Next Spring

Two more titles in Cressida. Cowell's How To Train Your Dragon series are set to be released on audiobook in the UK next year. The adventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, future leader of the Viking tribes, are brought to sparkling life by David Tennant. The ninth and tenth installments in the saga, How To Steal A Dragon's Sword and How To Steal A Dragon's Jewel, have been eagerly awaited by fans of the series all over the world.


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was a truly extraordinary Viking Hero. Warrior chieftain, awesome sword-fighter and amateur naturalist, he was known throughout Vikingdom as 'the Dragon Whisperer', on account of his amazing power over these terrifying beasts, but it wasn’t always like that.

How To Steal A Dragon's Sword
Bad times have come to the Archipelago. Ever since the woods of Berserk burned down, it is almost as if the world is cursed... Dragons are starting to revolt against their Masters. Old Wrinkly is missing, the waters have risen, flooding fields and washing whole villages away. But worse still, the wicked witch Excellinor has returned. And she wants Hiccup`s sword...
Can Hiccup hold on to his sword, find Old Wrinkly AND stop the witch revealing that he has the Slavemark?

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How To Seize A Dragon's Jewel
The story continues in the tenth volume of Hiccup's How to Train Your Dragon memoirs. When we last left Hiccup things were getting very dark indeed. The Dragon Rebellion has begun. Snotlout is the new Chief of the Hooligan Tribe. Stoick has been banished and given the Slavemark. And Alvin the Treacherous has EIGHT of the King's Lost Things, and has been proclaimed the new King of the Wilderwest ...

But what can Hiccup do, now all alone and in exile, hunted by both humans and dragons? Can he find the Dragon Jewel, mankind's last and only hope? And if he does, what will he do with it?

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Both titles will be released on audio CD in the UK on 22nd April 2014

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The previous audiobooks in the series will be re-released in the UK on 10th December 2013

As reported earlier USA Fans can also pre order the titles below: