Tenth Doctor Month On The BBC Doctor Who YouTube Channel

Tomorrow is the start of October and in terms of the countdown to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary that means it's Tenth Doctor month.

From tomorrow the official BBC Doctor Who channel on YouTube will be showing clips from David Tennant's era as the Doctor. To whet your appetites, here's his first appearance in the show as Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor bows out at the climax of The Parting Of The Ways

Rose awakens on the TARDIS to find the Doctor in pain. He tells her that the act of absorbing the vortex has destroyed every cell in his body. Rose begins to panic as the Doctor tells her that he won't be seeing her again. After musing on what his next body will look like and telling Rose goodbye, he suddenly steps back and bursts with energy from the regeneration process.

David returns to the TARDIS in the 50th Anniversary special The Day Of The Doctor alongside Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper and John Hurt. The episode airs worldwide from Saturday 23rd November.

Check out the BBC Doctor Who YouTube channel here


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