SWEDEN: Watch Episode 7 Of Broadchurch Tonight

Viewers in Sweden can watch the premiere of episode 7 of Broadchurch at 21.00 on TV4 tonight. The series starring David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Arthur Darvill follows events in a small town following the murder of a child.

Avsnitt 7
Efter Jacks självmord blir Hardy utsedd till Englands sämsta polis av tidningarna. Samtidigt inser Hardy att chanserna att få fast Dannys mördare blir allt svårare när ledningen beslutar att dra ner på personalen. Beth blir vän med Cate Gillespie, vars barn också blivit mördad. Maggie är fast besluten att lösa ett mysterium som blivit väldigt personligt för henne och frågan är om det kan påverka utredningen.

Episode 7
Hardy wakes up in the hospital after his collapse and is determined to continue working on the case. Under Ellie’s questioning Susan reveals that she saw Nige put Danny's body on the beach. Paul Coates tells Hardy that Tom and Danny had argued. Maggie and Olly plan to publish about Hardy's health and decide to dig into his past. To their surprise, Hardy sets up an interview and reveals everything about the Sanbrook case. Meanwhile, more secrets are revealed about the town’s inhabitants.

Episode 7 is repeated at 23.05 on Sunday 15th September

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