Live Feed From The Doctor Who At 50 BFI Panel With David Tennant

We've just left the BFI on South Bank where we have been attending the Doctor Who At 50 Tenth Doctor Screening and Q&A session with David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Phill Collinson and Graeme Harper.

Below are a collection of our live tweets from the panel for those who missed it:

  • Now at the . Watch our feed later on for updates from the David Tennant / Catherine Tate panel
  • A message from Russell T Davies, who sadly couldn't be here, just read out "I hope we did that Blue Box proud"
  • Lots of famous faces here Mark Gatiss, Frank Skinner, Anneke Wills, Sophie Aldred and Alan Parker all spotted so far.
  • Screenings now complete. A few minutes to go to the guest panel.
  • "David Tennant was a complete gent and people loved coming in and working with him" Andy Prior casting director
  • David Tennant is sporting a long ponytail!
  • David Tennant explains his new look by joking he's playing Limahl in a new Kajagoogoo bipoic
  • Catherine Tate: "In Doctor Who people are very protective of you and your character."
  • David Tennant is telling how he was offered the role at RTD's house and the risk that he may only get seen on screen for 35 seconds!
  • Catherine Tate says she would have stayed if David Tennant had continued but if she'd known Matt Smith was coming she would have lobbied!
  • Catherine Tate says she was unaware that some fans said on the internet that she would ruin the show!
  • Phil Collinson says keeping the events of E13 a secret was like Doctor Who in the olden days - you didn't know what was coming
  • Catherine Tate though 'sultanas' Sontarans were run on electricity, she didn't know there was people inside. David Tennant jokes that she tried to plug her iPod in to one.
  • "Pretending for the green screen is just an extension of being in the playground, it's rather fun" says David Tennant
  • Phil Collinson on the return of Davros: "Julian Bleach did an amazing job and had 4am make up calls"
  • David Tennant on the "I don't want to go" line - "Part of it was RTD saying it" David found it very bittersweet to move on from
  • He would have stayed forever and was very sad to move on but felt people would have resented him in 25 years time!
  • David Tennant worried about returning - what if Matt's horrible, what if it feels weird to share - none of this happened - Matt was up for it and it was a really fun thing to do
  • Child in audience asks who was the best kisser, David Tennant answers "Phil Collinson"
  • Catherine Tate's favourite episode of Doctor Who is The Runaway Bride. She didn't watch as a kid - she thinks she watched CHiPS instead
  • Graeme Harper's favourite episode of Doctor Who is Blink and Phil Collinson's is Androzani
  • David Tennant's favourite episode of Doctor Who is Deadly Assassin "because of the clown"
  • Catherine Tate is having the concept of Big Finish explained to her!
  • David Tennant has just paused during the Q&A to have his photo taken with a child from the audience - too sweet.
  • David Tennant and Catherine Tate's favourite scene together is "shut it space girl" from Journey's End
  • David Tennant and Catherine Tate also like the scene where Donna realises that she can't stay with the Doctor
  • Graeme Harper's favourite Doctor / Donna scene is the ginger beer and anchovies antidote scene from The Unicorn And The Wasp
  • Is David Tennant annoyed that Peter Capaldi is using his Scottish accent? "I think it's just lazy" he jokes.
  • Catherine Tate's favourite Doctor is David Tennant and David Tennant says his is Peter Davison.
  • David Tennant says Russell T Davies is a genius and say's Russell is gutted not to be here.
A full report will be up soon and the BFI will be uploading a video of the panel.