Listen To A Sample From The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Audiobook Read By David Tennant

The CD audiobook of Chiity Chitty Bang Bang read by David Tennant is now available to buy. The novel was created by James Bond author Ian Fleming as a story for his son Caspar, and was released in three volumes between October 1964 and January 1965.

Publishers AudioGo have uploaded a short clip from the audiobook to their website

Click here to listen

The CD also includes a short interview with David Tennant conducted by producer Lucy Fleming, the author's niece. David muses on the similarities between this story and the James Bond novels and the fact that a fifty year old novel still has such a timeless quality
"I think that the idea of a flying car is still as appealing now as it ever was," he says, "I think there's a timelessness to its sense of 'boy's own adventure'.Yes, it feels like a period piece but it doesn't feel out of date, or dated in a negative sense."