'Knowing Where To Dig': A Richard II Rehearsal Blog By Elliot Barnes-Worrell

Rehearsals are now well underway for the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Richard II starring David Tennant and Oliver Ford Davies and directed by Gregory Doran. To give some insight into what is happening during the rehearsal process, Elliot Barnes-Worrell, who plays the Groom, has posted his first blog in the Whispers From The Wings section of the RSC site. Elliot, aged 22, is a poet and recent graduate of the Central School of Speech and Drama and will be posting regularly as work progresses.

In his first blog Elliot talks about exploring the language of Shakespeare and the thrill of doing so under the tutelage of Gregory Doran. He says,
"Working with Greg is like working with an expert archeologist who knows exactly where to dig, it is also like working with a child whose passion for and knowledge of Shakespeare makes you giddy with excitement and very eager to play."

He also talks of his initial nerves at joining the company alongside such big names, but happily concludes, "...instead of feeling I had big shoes to fill, I felt as though my feet might grow in the fertile ground of the RSC."

Read Elliot's blog 'Knowing Where To Dig' here

Richard II will open at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon on 10th October 2013 and will run until 16th November 2013. It will then transfer to the Barbican Theatre in London from December 9th 2013 until 25th January 2014. The cast includes David Tennant, Emma Hamilton, Nigel Lindsay, Michael Pennington, Jane Lapotaire and Oliver Ford Davies and it is directed by Gregory Doran. Both the Stratford-upon-Avon and London runs are now sold out.