Doctor Who Comes To Ebru TV In The USA

US cable subscribers will be pleased to learn that Doctor Who is screening on cable channel Ebru TV on Sundays.

The network will be screening channel premieres of Doctor Who episodes starring David Tennant between 8pm -10pm ET/PT on Sundays. Tune in tonight for a pair of season 2 adventures:

8pm ET/ PT: Doctor Who (S2 E2) Tooth And Claw. The Doctor and Rose land in 19th Century Scotland where Queen Victoria is certainly not amused to encounter something lying in wait in a country house.

9pm ET/PT: Doctor Who (S2 E3) School Reunion. When Micky Smith alerts the Doctor to strange happenings in a local school he runs into a former and much loved companion.

Also, check out their schedule from 12.30pm ET today and on 5.30pm ET weekdays for episodes featuring Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor

Ebru TV is available in the US on RCN Cable and DISH Network. Contact your own provider for local details. Visit the network website here