Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster And Print Featuring Matt Smith, David Tennant And John Hurt

The stunning promotional image for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day Of The Doctor will soon able available for the adornment of your own walls. The image features David Tennant and Matt Smith as the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors with John Hurt as the unknown incarnation introduced at the climax of The Name Of The Doctor.

In stores from the 29th September, the official poster will cost £3.99 and can be shipped worldwide.

Click here to pre-order the poster

The image will also be available as a 12 x 16" framed print commemorating one of the Doctor's darkest days. The print will also be available from the 29th September and will also be available worldwide

Click here to pre-order the print

The 50th Anniversary special episode, Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor, will air worldwide from Saturday 23rd November. Click here for more information


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