David Tennant Voted Favourite Doctor In Digital Spy Poll

Readers of the website Digital Spy have voted David Tennant their favourite ever Doctor in an online poll in celebration of the show's 50th anniversary. Since the 28th August the site has featured each of the eleven incarnations of the Time Lord so far in order for over 50,000 readers to consider their relative merits.

David Tennant was the runaway winner, polling 50.06% of the vote. Second place was taken by Matt Smith with 13.7%.

The full results are as follows:

1. David Tennant                 50.06%   (26, 570 votes)

2. Matt Smith                     13.7%      (7,270 votes)

3. Tom Baker                      11.69%    (6,207 votes)

4. Christopher Eccleston        6.83%     (3,627 votes)

5. Jon Pertwee                     3.73%      (1,978 votes)

6. Patrick Troughton              3.24%      (1,722 votes)

7. Peter Davison                   2.93%      (1,554 votes)

8. Sylvester McCoy                2.83%      (1,504 votes)

9. William Hartnell                1.78%      (944 votes)

10. Paul McGann                   1.63%      (864 votes)

11. Colin Baker                     1.58%      (840 votes)

David Tennant returns to the TARDIS as the Tenth Doctor alongside Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper and John Hurt in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special which will be shown worldwide from Saturday 23rd November.

Find out more about the Special and other 50th anniversary preparations here

Source: Digital Spy