David Tennant To Narrate New John Downer Productions Documentary: Dolphin - Spy In The Pod

David Tennant is to narrate a new documentary from the makers of Penguins: Spy In The Huddle and Earthflight.

From John Downer Productions, Dolphin: Spy In The Pod is one of a new schedule of over 50 hours of natural history commissions announced for BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Four today. 

Dolphin: Spy In The Pod 

(John Downer Productions) 2x60’, BBC One
Executive Producer John Downer

To truly innovate in the filming of some of the world’s most beloved animals – dolphins – the team at John Downer Productions has stopped at nothing to get their cameras close to the animals. Following the success of Penguins: Spy In The Huddle, this time all the spycams are disguised as sea creatures. Tunacam, Turtlecam, Squidcam and Dolphincam are just a few examples of an enchanting underwater menagerie, each programmed by the production team for a different spying role. They take us closer to dolphins than ever before - from the intimacy of a mother teaching her calf to catch fish or leap from the water, to the drama of huge megapods, many thousands strong. They not only reveal the tender and playful side of dolphins but also some less familiar aggressive tendencies, as well as displays of their renowned intelligence. With two programmes derived from hundreds of hours of innovative observational footage, it's a very intimate ride into the deep blue. Filled with wonder and magical encounters, this is the dolphin’s world as it hasn’t been seen before. Dolphin: Spy in the Pod will be narrated by David Tennant.