David Tennant Talks About His Return To Doctor Who For The Day Of The Doctor

David Tennant has been talking about returning to Doctor Who for the show's 50th Anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor.

Recalling his own childhood memories, David who will be teaming up with the current Doctor Matt Smith for the adventure says:
"I remember The Five Doctors, when I was about 12, being the most exciting thing that had ever happened, so to be part of something that will have the same excitement for a new generation is a thrill."

Talking about the dynamic between the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors he says:
"What's been quite interesting is to find those moments when our two Doctors intersect, and then the moments when they do things rather differently. The fun is in the gap between the two. They switch between praising each other's ingenuity to trying to undermine it at every opportunity. You sort of switch from being quite pleased with yourself to being infuriated at your own inadequacies, and I guess that's kind of writ large, isn't it, if you meet yourself."

On his decision to return to the show that made him a household name:
"I thought 'Oh this'll be great'. As the day approaches, I then think 'What if Matt feels like I'm stepping on his toes? Or what if I can't remember how to do it? Surely I'm too old to be doing this now?'
The first day, Matt wasn't there. So the first day it was just me. It was like 'Oh yeah, I sort of remember this.' Then the next day it becomes something different again because we were together. Mind you there's not as many lines to learn when there's two of you."

On meeting the DG of the BBC on set:
"Our first day on the TARDIS, we were greeted by the new Director General of the BBC... Maybe that always happens? I don't know, maybe that's a Doctor Who anniversary thing?"

On slipping back in to his old pinstripe suit:
"I had one costume, and I think they got one from an exhibition. And I think they found a stuntman one. So we've got two and big one. It's slightly alarming - if they get ripped, there's not a lot of replacements."

And on working with John Hurt:
"When we do scene with John, I look at him and I just feel I'm pulling the biggest faces in the world."

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will be simulcast worldwide on Saturday 23rd November 2013

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