David Tennant Presented With Wand Company Sonic Screwdriver Replica

David Tennant was presented with a replica of the sonic screwdriver that he used on screen as the Doctor by product manufacturers The Wand Company.

David had lent his own sonic screwdriver, presented to him as he left Doctor Who, to The Wand Company so that they could scan it in order to make the incredibly accurate copies. They were able to present one of the first available replica props to him yesterday at the British Film Institute where he was attending the Tenth Doctor screening in the Doctor Who At 50 season.

The Wand Company say: 
"We met up with David Tennant this weekend at the British Film Institute's tenth "Doctor Who at 50" screening. It was a great opportunity to say thank you to him for lending us the last known Sonic Screwdriver for us to copy. Also, it gave us the chance to present him with the very first one of our production version of his iconic prop to add to his collection of Doctor Who memorabilia. David was on top form and was thrilled to get his hands on a real working Sonic Screwdriver at last."

Find out all about the manufacture and specifications of the Tenth Doctor replica sonic screwdriver, and also how to get your hands on your own copy on the Wand Company website or visit their Facebook page