CANADA: Doctor Who Ninth And Tenth Doctor Marathon On Space Tomorrow

Space in Canada are running a marathon of Ninth and Tenth Doctor episodes of Doctor Who on Sunday 15th September

The day begins with Ninth Doctor episode Boom Town at 10am ET, followed by the thrilling climax to Christopher Eccleston's single season in the role, the double episode Bad Wolf and The Parting Of The Ways. From David Tennant's first moments in that closing episode, the run then continues with Tenth Doctor episodes through till 8.15pm ET. The schedule runs as follows:

10.00am ET   Doctor Who (S1 E11) Boom Town

11.00am ET   Doctor Who (S1 E12) Bad Wolf

12.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S1 E13) The Parting Of The Ways

1.15pm ET   Doctor Who – The Christmas Invasion

2.15pm ET   Doctor Who (S2 E1) New Earth

3.15pm ET   Doctor Who (S2 E2) Tooth And Claw

4.15pm ET   Doctor Who (S2 E3) School Reunion

5.15pm ET   Doctor Who (S2 E4) The Girl In The Fireplace

6.15pm ET   Doctor Who (S2 E5) Rise Of The Cybermen

7.15pm ET   Doctor Who (S2 E6) The Age Of Steel

More of David's episodes can be seen next Sunday in another marathon on Space - check back for more details.