Broadchurch: Olivia Colman And Jodie Whittaker Talk To HitFix

As the USA steels itself for the final episode of Broadchurch on BBC America tonight, HitFix have published and interview with series stars Olivia Colman (DS Ellie Miller) and Jodie Whittaker (Beth Latimer). 

The stars talk about filming the series with a large cast and with creatives who totally believed in the drama.

“…you're in an environment where you trust all the powerful people. The directors were wonderful. The writer were there the whole way through and was at the end of the phone for any question,” says Jodie. “And the producers were fantastic. I think it's one of the most ensemble pieces I've ever been a part of for that. We were a real family.”

They also talk about keeping the climax a secret, and the attempts by cast members to guess the killer. Were there any great detectives among the cast?

“No,” says Olivia. “Least of all David [Tennant] and I, who played the detective. He was constantly going, "She's got big hands. He's got big hands."

“Because that's the one clue. They've got big hands,” adds Jodie

However, even finding out the killer didn't reduce the impact of the drama as Olivia explains,
"By that point, the "whodunnit" didn't matter. It was a "howdunnit" and a "whydunnit." 

Broadchurch stars David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Arthur Darvill, Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan and explores the impact of the murder of a child on a small English town. 

Watch the final episode tonight on BBC America at 10pm/9c