AUSTRALIA: Tree Fu Tom's Free-To-Air Debut This Week

Tree Fu Tom will have its premiere airing on free-to-air TV in Australia this week. From Wednesday 11th September the show will air on weekday mornings at 8.30am on Channel Eleven. The show has already enjoyed success on the subscription channel Disney Junior

Following the licensing deal struck between FremantleMedia and parent company Network Ten in June of this year, Cherrie Bottger, Network Ten’s Head of Children’s Programming said, "We are very excited to be associated with this magical tale of adventure, Tree Fu Tom. We believe it will deliver a unique experience to our young Australian audience as it joins the line-up of high–end animated series on our Toasted Junior block on Channel Eleven." 

Tree Fu Tom is a pre-school animated series produced by CBeebies and FreemantleMedia, featuring the voices of Sophie Aldred as tiny hero Tom and David Tennant as the anarchic Twigs. Tom and Twigs use their Tree Fu skills to protect the magical kingdom of Treetopolis from danger. The programme encourages its young audience to join in with the movements required to call up Big World Magic, and the movements incorporate exercises specially designed to support movement and co-ordination development in children with dyspraxia. 

A range of toys and DVDs are set for release in 2014

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