VIDEO: David Tennant In Quatermass As Part Of Geek Week

BBC Worldwide have uploaded a clip of David Tennant as Dr Gordon Briscoe in The Quatermass Experiment as part of You Tube's Geek Week celebrations. Check out the clip below:

David Tennant is Doctor Gordon Briscoe and he has some difficult news for Professor Bernard Quatermass.

Geek fact; It was during the rehearsals for The Quatermass Experiment that David Tennant was offered the role of the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who.

 Filmed live with a fantastic ensemble cast, The Quatermass Experiment takes a sci-fi cult classic into the 21st Century, leaving none of the original's chilling horror or nail-biting tension behind. Highly respected, visionary scientist Bernard Quatermass heads the futuristic Experimental Rocket Group whose greatest voyage is coming to an end. The completion of the journey will be not only Quatermass's finest achievement, but also that of mankind. However, as the final hours pass and the rocket approaches Earth, it becomes clear that something is horribly wrong. After a dramatic crash landing, the spacecraft's only surviving crewmember, Victor Carroon, begins to metamorphose into a strange, deadly alien.